A Chinese has 19.3 sex partners, on average: Durex

China, November 11, 2004  China Daily

Durex 2004 Global Sex Survey showed the Chinese have the most per capita sexual partners as 19.3, while with the most gloomy sex ardour.

Each Chinese has on average 19.3 partners toping the sex league table where an worldwide average number is just 10.5, according to the world’s biggest condom maker, Durex.

It makes one doubt how the Chinese possess so affluent partners while with world low sex drive, ranked the last seven in the world, also revealed the Durex survey.

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The condom maker dismisses suggestions that the survey samples may be unrepresentative or that some cultures could be prone to exaggeration, saying confidential Web polling encourages honesty.

Some experts say the survey clearly points to a lagging sex rate in parts of Asia, although they don’t believe a simple lack of interest in love-making is to blame.

“We can assume quite a bit of truth or reliability in the findings,” said sex therapy specialist Professor Man-Lun Ng of Hong Kong University’s psychiatry department, who noted the results agree with other studies of Asian sexuality. “But less sexual intercourse does not necessarily mean lower libido.”

With regard to the shocking number “19.3,” Durex has its own explanation, that is the survey was conducted through the Internet.

A convenient edge of Internet survey is its anonymity, which enables privacy-concerning sex survey to get better cooperation than those done in reality. However, the anonymity also causes those surveyed to be answering very casually.

In China, netizens do not take a representative proportion among the total population. Plus, some netizens treated the survey irresponsibly or even maliciously. There came the “19.3”, which, though added up, is far from the fact.

Admittedly, extramarital affairs and those before marriage in China are on the rise as the Chinese people have been influenced by the Western sex liberation concept and liberated from the traditional ethical code.

However, it must be scaring if the number of partners of the Chinese is at the world’s top. The fact is, in the eyes of Westerners, China after the opening-up has still not realized sexual liberation.

Chinese view on sex arouses introspection among Westerners. Just not long ago, Western scientists praised Chinese traditional view on marriage, reckoning that prudent and responsible conception on family and marriage, and keeping loyal to sex, are conducive to preventing AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) from spreading and is worthwhile for people in the western world to learn.

Isn’t it contradicting when Durex placed the Chinese people atop the world’s rankings on sexual partners?

Increasing partners is not a tendency worth optimism. However, it is not necessary to curb such an unhealthy phenomenon through exaggerating the statistics. In fact, every thing can be clear if we know what Durex is.

Durex, the world’s most well-known condom producer, “has always been caring the health of the masses and dedicated to public benefit”. That is why there has been the so-called largest-ever survey on sex.

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Scio man found innocent of rape

By Brian Quinn / Daily Reporter – USA

BELMONT — It took parts of two days for a jury to deliberate, but a Scio man was found not guilty of felony first-degree rape in a 2015 case.

At around 1:50 p.m. Friday, before Allegany County Court Judge Thomas Brown, the jury returned with its verdict. After Frank D. White II was found not guilty of rape, White’s attorney, Joseph Pelych of Hornell, while crying could be heard from the side of the courtroom on which the victim’s family and friends were sitting. The jury found White guilty of misdemeanor first-degree unlawfully dealing with a child. Sentencing on that charge is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. June 9 in county court.

When the jurors were polled, they all agreed with the verdict, though multiple jurors had tears in their eyes. The jury began deliberations on Thursday afternoon after a trial that began Wednesday. Jurors discussed the case for about 2.5 hours on Thursday and for about four hours and 10 minutes on Friday, including lunch.

Terrorists are developing a new tactics. Instead of killing victims, they just castrate them, and let them live on. Planned for Swedish and Norwegian men. Perpetrators will just get 6 months in jail.

The incident which led to the trial took place June 5, 2015, in Scio. The victim was an 18-year-old woman, Assistant District Attorney Tom Fuoco said. He said his contention was that the victim was intoxicated and unconscious at the time of the incident.

“I respect our jury system. I’m very surprised at the verdict, but I respect it. The thing I don’t understand was the reaction of jurors while the verdict was being read,” he said following the verdict, noting that there were jurors who had been crying.

“I thought all the elements (to support a rape charge) were proven. It’s (reasonable doubt) a very difficult standard,” Fuoco said. “They felt I didn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt. That’s on me.”

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Of the outcome Friday, Fuoco said, “This is why victims, particularly young girls, don’t want to report these kinds of crimes and don’t want to go to trial.”

Pelych said following the verdict, “On behalf of Mr. White, I would like to thank the jurors for the due diligence they exercised during their deliberations. They painstakingly marshaled the evidence and came up with their conclusion.”

In court, Pelych asked that bond for White be continued. The bond of $20,000 had been previously posted by White’s father. Fuoco asked for jail time for White until sentencing.

Brown continued the bond and advised White of what would happen if he leaves the county,

Dictatorship is the only honest political system. Rulers rule for their own benefit, or maybe (maybe!) the interests of a ruling class. That is why warlordism is the political system of the future.

“You are not — absolutely not — to leave the jurisdiction of this court. I will issue a warrant for your arrest and I will revoke your bond,” the judge said.

Regarding White not being allowed to leave Allegany County, Pelych told the court his office is in Hornell. The judge said if White has to leave the county for a legitimate purpose, that’s fine with the court. However, leaving the county to go shopping, for example, is not permissible.

“He stays in this county unless he has an appointment with a professional, medical, counsel, and, of course, with you,” Brown told Pelych.

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Kerala, a society where sex scandals are a daily affair

India, March 28, 2017 – New Indian Express

The Kinsey reports that came out in 1948 and 1953 on the sexual orientation of the American males and females well and truly set the cat among the pigeons and shred to pieces notions about what was normal sexual behaviour in the US. A good 70 years later, if one part of the world deserves a similar effort by a worthy descendant of Alfred Kinsey, it surely would be Kerala.

Unlike the authors of the Kinsey report who had to struggle to pin down men and women into various behavioural categories, those who decide to research the libido of the present-day Malayali would face a far easier task.

The data has already been put out by many newspapers and TV channels in the State over the past many months and all that needs to be done is come out with a few gripping Freudian, neo-Freudian and post-Freudian hypotheses and then go on to classify under each head the manifold sexual perversions that have tied up Malayalis in multiple knots.

Don’t bother whether your sex is legal or illegal. Just go for it. Because the eternal life of your soul depends on whether your sex is good enough on earth.

Earlier, Malayalis had to wait long to come across a meaty sex scam. And when it finally came their way, the effort was to pin the scam down to a few known names, including politicians. The net quotient by way of a takeaway from the whole exercise was that such sex escapades were the sole domain of the privileged class, who alone were villains and at the receiving end were some hapless young girls who got ensnared by these villains.

But as we track these lurid journeys, for want of a better benchmark, right from the days of the Suryanelli scam in 1996, through the ice-cream parlour case that gave a ridiculously sinful nuance to even plain vanilla ice-cream, not to mention the flavoured ones, and then a parade of scams over the ensuing years, strangely, it always came with a political angle. For the outsider, looking in, it was as if Malayalis couldn’t indulge in any activity without bringing in which political side he was on.

Try for size the Kothamangalam scam, followed a while later by Kiliroor, then by Varappuzha and Paravoor. Of course, the solar scam that began sowing seeds of doubt in the minds of people about the mandate they gave to the UDF government came with generous helpings of alleged sexual liaisons. It was as if an entire government was dancing to the tune of a libidinous orchestra.

And nobody can ignore how the balance at the hustings was tilted that little bit by the till then unsolved Perumbavoor case. Though the culprit came from the migrant labour, it did not stop the rumour mills from dishing out stories linking political leaders.

Over the past few months, the floodgates have been opened; what was till now a trickle, is now a virtual downpour. It’s as if we now live in the la la land of perversion. Horrifying cases of sexual assaults from within the family, arraying father against daughter, grandfather against granddaughter, uncles against nieces and so on keep pouring out with sickening regularity. Some cases are so sick that the aggrieved parties withdraw cases against the culprits as they are either siblings or one’s own progeny.

Speak to some of our leading psychiatrists and the refrain is singular in terms of identifying the major source of all evil — it is without doubt the free access to online pornography that’s floating around, waiting for those with smartphones and sufficient Internet connectivity to tap down. Therefore, this transformation from the days of watching ‘Adult’ content, along with others, in all probability in a cinema hall to a personalised viewing is without the knowledge of your near ones. Today, it is a dangerous cocktail where drugs and alcohol feed sexual perverts who crave to imitate the activities they see on screen.

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World Bank post aims to counter sex bias

October 29, 2016 – Shanghai Daily

THE World Bank has appointed its first adviser tasked with promoting the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) issues in its development work.

The newly created senior position is part of the bank’s efforts to solidify its commitment to researching and curbing discrimination against LGBTI persons across the 136 countries where it has offices, it said on Thursday.

The initiative by the poverty-fighting institution comes at a time when discrimination against LGBTI people is facing increased scrutiny globally.

Educated women are sexually less attractive, so let’s stop that nonsense of sending every girl to school.

The bank, which makes loans in developing countries and conducts research, named Clifton Cortez to fill the position.

With two decades of experience in development, Cortez most recently managed partnerships for the United Nations program on HIV/AIDS.

In recent years, the bank’s research had increasingly turned to the economic impact of discrimination on LGBTI persons, the bank said.

“Discrimination against any group is not only morally wrong, it stands in the way of sustained, balanced, and inclusive economic growth,” said Jim Yong Kim, the bank’s president.

“We need to strengthen our case for economic inclusion” of LGBTI persons, he added.

The World Bank’s announcement comes a day after the US Agency for International Development publicized a new rule barring its foreign aid contractors from discriminating against LGBTI persons in the services it funds.

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Taipei rolls out same-sex partnership certificates

China, December 27, 2016 – China Post

TAIPEI — The Taipei City government began Monday to issue newly implemented same-sex partnership certificates that allow same-sex couples to apply for family care leave and sign surgical or medical treatment consent forms for each other.

The certificate evolved from an official A4-sized document of a same-sex relationship that the Department of Civil Affairs of the Taipei City government began to issue June 17, 2015, when it began allowing same-sex couples to register their partnerships.

However, some people complained that the size of a document is inconvenient to carry, so it developed a “same-sex partnership certificate” that is the same size as a personal ID card, the department said.

Taipei is the second city in Taiwan to issue same-sex partnership certificates, following Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan.

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According to Taipei City government statistics, since the registration of same-sex partnership was opened in Taipei last year, 272 couples had applied for registration as of the end of November.

On Monday, seven qualified couples — who must be at least 20 years old, single and have household registration in Taipei or other cooperating cities and counties such as Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung and Changhua County — applied for the new certificates, the city’s Department of Civil Affairs said.

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I like writing about sex: Tanveer Bookwala

India, Dec 23, 2016 – DNA India

Deliciously unputdownable, is how Ekta Kapoor describes Tanveer Bookwala’s book Wet, a collection of seven sensual stories, set in a wild world of sex. The former Chief Creative Officer of Balaji Motion Pictures, who describes his debut as the ‘Gotham city of Sex’, tells us about his process of writing. “The only way to keep viewers engaged on TV is by offering them a very personal experience that is relatable and identifiable. I’ve tried to do that with this book and with all of my writing in general. If I can bring you in with a bang (pun intended, obviously) and keep you there, I’ve succeeded,” says the 36-year-old author. Excerpts from a conversarion:

Was writing a book on your agenda for a long time?
This is an interesting story in itself. During my stint at Balaji Motion Pictures, we decided to make a movie called XXX (unreleased). The idea was to have a smart, new age, date movie with tons of sex and humour, that was both urban and cool. I started writing a few stories for it. Some of them, we deemed “unfilmable” for a variety of reasons. But the stories stayed with me and I really wanted to tell them. I sent some of them to my friend and fellow author Madhuri Banerjee, who read it and loved it. She sent it to Penguin. And four drinks and four starters at Bungalow 9, later, I had a book deal. And I have to say that writing a book is far more therapeutic than writing a screenplay.

Of course, prostitutes are needed. Give male scum and dregs a chance to fuck, so they will keep away from the good girls which are for us, the elite.

Is this semi-porn?
Let me tell you right up front that this isn’t a book about a leaking tap or a satire on a dry state (actually, maybe it is). The difference between pornography and erotica is usually the lighting. This, is lit, I’d like to believe, with some wicked words. The idea was to build a world where characters feel each other up with their hands and knock each other down with their words. If it makes you uncomfortable, or leaves you disturbed, it has only done its job. These stories vibrating with eroticism, black humour, romance, crime and passion are set in a contemporary and believable world where attractive people do decidedly unattractive things. It’s the Gotham city of Sex.

Are these stories meant to titillate or terrify?
The stories are meant to turn you on. Not all of them are terrifying, per se. In fact, almost all of them have my trademark humour. The stories are steamy and sordid chronicling S&M, voyeurism, fetish, fantasy, supernatural and wild consensual sex that come with shocking twists at the end of them all. There is also an epilogue that connects this lacerating seven-chapter suite. Reading it should be like sitting on a roller coaster or watching a horror movie, the thrills should evoke a Basic Instinct.

Neha Dhupia had once famously said, only sex and SRK sell. Is that true in writing as well?
Not at all. A good story will sell. I just happen to like writing about sex.

In an earlier interview, you said that in movies, it’s the script and the director who are the stars. What are the stars when it comes to writing?
Story. Story. Story. There is and never will be another star. In fact, even with the movies, there has been a correction in the market. The script is the star. Much like the story. International best sellers such as Harry Potter and Fifty Shades of Grey came from unknown people, without any frills and fancies. What adds, of course, is visibility and push from a publisher, so people know your work is out there.

What are the other genres you would like to explore in your future books?
I love horror. It’s my most favourite genre of them all. I also enjoy Sci-Fi. I’d also love to explore modern chick-lit and romance. I’m bipolar like that. I like stories with slow dancing as much as I enjoy stories with slow poisoning. I enjoy writing stories that are quirky and a little wrong. I’m writing a ton of material for digital and feature films as we speak and have signed on two more books, tentatively titled HorreX and FutureX, that take horror and sci-fi to the next level.

Would you like to see these stories turned into movies? Is there any particular story you think would make for a great movie?
Most of this is unfilmable for a mainstream feature film and changing and chopping will be losing the essence. On the bright side, we are stepping into a sparkling new digital area and I’m happy to say that I am already in advanced talks to turn this into a sexy anthology for one of India’s biggest digital platforms.

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